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The Old Craft of Baking Bread.


I began shooting the images for this post  around 10:00 am but felt I needed to go back at night when the bakery began their first shift.   It was a winter day, it was not too cold, but very dark.  I remember I wanted to  stay in bed and wake up  when the rest of the town would be doing the same, but I got my camera and drove into the empty streets.  From the parking lot I could see life at the bakery had already started.   It was like stepping into a new time zone.  I felt I was moving slow but I think everyone in the bakery were moving fast.
Everyone was doing their thing, they didn’t speak much but, gosh, they were busy!
 I don’t know why but it was kind of comforting.  I knew the bakery had been opened for 139 years and I wondered if much had changed.  I guess it is nice to know that there is still pride in doing what one do best, and the thought made me happy.

Naegelin’s Bakery is located on the corner of Seguin St, and New Braunfels main plaza.  

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