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My first intention for the The Kitchen Press was to tell stories related to food, however, soon,  I  discovered my stories are also about hard work, love and dedication. And even though I believe food is one of those strong forces that makes bonds and help the world go around and around I knew I needed to include the everyday struggles and forces that make us do what we do.  I look for stories  where love, family, tradition are strong components.    it might very well be that the only reason these stories are linked together is because they are part of this blog.

Here we go!

2 comments on “Mission

  1. icoxie Inacoxclanton
    November 3, 2013

    I have enjoyed looking through you website and signed up to follow. Knowing you just a little, and having had the blessing of meeting you and your beautiful family, I feel blessed to know you. I admire your passion and zest for life. I am also thankful for the memories you have given to my grandson(s). Forever ingrained!
    I look forward to seeing your family grow. And for you to prosper.

    • Pauline Stevens
      November 6, 2013

      Hello Ina:
      Thank you for visiting and following. Your grandsons have been a bleesing for us. They are sweet and such good boys.
      We miss seeing you at the games, hope all is going well. Best always Pauline

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