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Everyone ate together at the same time.

Back when I was a little girl, I did not know my father would be the first foodie to influence my life.

My father had  high standards about food as well as for beauty. Canadian-British descendant, he knew how to eat beautifully. Beauty that came natural not only in the way he used his silverware, as well as how the food looked in his plate. Presentation was as important as taste.

Always cutting his toast in half and never spreading butter or jelly directly form the container but placing them carefully in his plate.

My father had a thing for strong, aged cheese and high quality bread,  he took pride on cooking the best gravy for our two 20 lb Christmas Turkeys, as well as for carving them. He enjoyed breaking bread with others and he made it beautiful.

Sitting at the dinner table we all ate together and at the same time.

Although some of my father’s traditions are still going  on at my home, honestly some details got lost. Sure, it might not be a big deal to have fresh flowers at home or choosing cloth napkins over paper, we choose our battles, right?  Simple details are the first ones to go! But I wonder, if  those details are the ones that define us?

There is not doubt in my mind that food at home will always be remembered. Not only the recipes we make and the traditions we follow, but everything in between as well. A good, beautiful home-made meal  at home empowers any ordinary day and it might very well be something we’ll be remembered for.

3 comments on “Everyone ate together at the same time.

  1. Jenny Stevens
    May 8, 2012

    The best memories ever!!!! Luckily it was us who enjoyed them.

  2. Francisco OllervidesV.
    November 30, 2012

    Pauline, Me gusto mucho tu articulo sobre los recuerdos de como tu Papá gozaba con el orden y la comida, con el pan, el queso y el gravy en la Navidad.
    Todos tenemos muy gratos recuerdos de tus padres y hermanos con sus familias en el rancho.
    Te mando un sincero abrazo. Francisco (Pancho) Ollervides Nov, 30, 2012

    • Pauline Stevens
      December 11, 2012

      Gracias Pancho. Nosotros tambien nos acordamos de las comidas en el rancho con todos los Uribe. xx

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