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Dia de los Muertos. San Andres, Mexico. Four Families.

November 1st 2013

San Andres, Mexico

On November 1st, all around Mexico families get together in commentaries to clean their love ones tomb and decorate them  with flowers and candles.  They stay together  most of the day and many times all night keeping each other company sharing memories and food.   It is an overwhelming experience to see them work with so much love and devotion.

They make death a celebration of life.

Family One




 Family  two



Family Three





Altar de Muertos at Home.

Friends and family take candles, fruit and flowers to the departed.  Through November 1st the family is never left alone.

In return the family cook for them.

Meet Guadalupe Barrueta de Macedo, she is  at her dear husband’s Adolfo Macedo Jaimes altar.



2 comments on “Dia de los Muertos. San Andres, Mexico. Four Families.

  1. Janet Sanders
    May 13, 2014

    How wonderful. Thank you Pauline. I am so looking forward to seeing you.

    • Pauline Stevens
      May 13, 2014

      Me too. Can’t wait…

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