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Carol Ann’s Chickens

In November 2011,  I took a workshop in Austin with Lynn Johnson, Scott Martin and Penny de Los Santos.  My assignment was to follow and photo document Carol Ann Sayle at her beautiful urban farm, Boggy Creek Farm.

The workshop was more than I had expected to be.  Honestly, I thought it was going to be shooting in group and having critiques.   Maybe I would be back at home for dinner.  Never did I imagine that I was going to be abandoning my four 12-year-old kids and husband for a week.  On the second day of the workshop I was so stressed out about being pulled in two different directions, I was ready to give up.

Fortunately I made it work.   This workshop helped me more than anything I have done for my career in the last 10 years.  It gave me a chance to feel vulnerable, to sometimes it’s permitted to let go of your family and help myself and at the end of the week I felt empowered.

It was fun watching Carol Ann passion for gardening but  my favorite part was watching her cook and then enjoying her delicious and super healthy food with them, and with food came  fun conversation.   One day  ‘Butterball” came up.   Butterball is one of Carol Ann chickens and Austin’s fav.   Marisa though she was acting weird, and decided  it was because  Austin was getting married and leaving for a while and poor Butterball was pulling away.   I though it was the cutest and best conversation during the whole week.  They really love these birds! !   As it happens chicken have very distinctive personalities, and it is not hard to learn who is who in the chicken coop.   The next day for almost 2 hours, instead of following Carol Ann, Marissa or Austin, I followed the chicken (Penny was not happy about it) these are some of their portraits.

Carol Ann,  Austin and Marissa this one is for you.

If you would print of this image go to
Carol Ann's Chickens
Carol Ann's Chickens
Carol Ann's Chickens

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