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Meet Jennifer

Have you been at your local, Food Bank  lately?

Mine in my home town of New Braunfels, makes me proud. Not only do I believe in what it represents, but  also, with limited resources and employers running thin our local Food Bank goes far and beyond to be true to its mission by giving  healthy cooking classes and maintaining a community garden. Our Food Bank wants to teach us how to grow our own food.

Jennifer is the one and only master gardener in charge of this beautiful and demanding garden. I met her one Summer morning. It was barely 8:30 am and it was already hot, but she greated me with a big smile.

I walked around noticing the care and beauty of the place but also the urgent need of helping hands.

“We need to fix the irrigation system” she told me. I could see what she meant, some garden beds were not planted.

The garden is ready to give, it is waiting for us to show up. This cute little place could represent our comunity values in more than one way.  The importance of food, eating right, helping others and the sense of community that we all pride of.

Photography by Pauline Stevens

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