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Why Egg Cartons?

What inspired our egg carton kitchen towel?

Kate Kreba’s ones quoted; “waste is a design flaw”

The original egg carton, made out of exclusively paper pulp, is an extremely simple and clever design.

Easy to transport, wonderful to protect eggs with zero waste.

What can be better than that? Probably the egg itself. No way to compete there. Eggs are the best proof of Kreba’s theory.

I cannot help but wonder, does Nature have all the answers and we keep missing them? Is simplicity the key?

Next time you browse through our website, www. take a look of the many designs where ‘simplicity’ is the star. Trust us, after many years of experience as professional photographers, it is hard to create a strong image with few elements and yet, we have created several designs just like that!

Send us a note with your comments and ideas, we want to know your thoughts and please, shop small.

2 comments on “Why Egg Cartons?

  1. Anna Garth Clark
    June 20, 2022

    Love Your Kitchen Towels……

    • Pauline Stevens
      June 20, 2022

      Thank you Ann, It truly means a lot. Hug

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