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A Red Bird… a Tribute

Since Red Bird’s House first origins in 2008 I have been sharing my story about my father’s love for red birds. A story that will forever remind me of him and my beautiful mom and the inspiration behind Red Bird’s House   

My family and friends are well aware of my special fascination for cardinals. They know my heart fills with joy when I see one and it is common for them to share images like this one with me.

Foto.- A gift from Andres Uribe

In 2009, my son Andres draw a beautiful watercolor of a red bird for me, he was 8 years old and I can still remember his eyes watching me closely. It is amazing how much love can be shared in one single moment. His painting would become my first logo and the one I will always see in my heart.

Since then, as the brand grew and a more consistent branding was needed my friend Sydney Solomon @sydmsolo helped me create the logo we use today. I am so very grateful for Sydney’s work. Only someone with her sensibility and amazing talent could capture Red Bird’s House in such a beautiful and perfect way.

Red Bird’s House is a recoleccion of many stories. Every one of our customers, every store that has carried out products, every friend that has touched us with their wisdom and support in the way is a part of the brand, just like Andres’s watercolor and the many images of cardinals received through the years.

And behind it all the sweet memory of my awesome dad and beautiful mom watching over me and my family and all the people I love.

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