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Boggy Creek Farm

What a treat it is these days to be able to buy food from a local organic farm.   Even more if it is one inside the city limits.  It is said that there are more than 11 million FarmVille farmers on Facebook, but there are only 2 million real farmers in the US.   Doesn’t make sense,  does it?

Carol Ann is one of those 2 million real farmers.   She not only knows and studies the land where she proudly grows real food, she teaches and takes under her wing future farmers with respect for the profession.  They work hard–every day, in every weather condition.  They wish for rain and worry about frost.  But they love their job and do it well.  I am so grateful for that!

And then, once the produce is ready to  be harvest,  all their hard work is displayed.  Beautiful bunches of vegetables are perfectly arranged at  Boggy Creek Farmer’s market.

Patient chefs wait in line to be the first buyers.  Moms and dads rush in and out during their busy morning until every single vegetable is sold.   And I mean everything!  I am grateful for that too!

Carol Ann blooms on market days.  Wednesday and Saturdays are the days where her hard work is pays off.   I imagine it would be like having an art show and knowing every single piece was sold.  Pretty cool!

Meet Carol Ann, and her assistants Marissa and Austin

It is early in the morning….
The first one to arrive is Austin.  He rides his bike everyday to work.  Marisa comes right behind him.  Carol Ann is organizing her thoughts and planning their schedule.

After a long day of work Carol Ann cooks a “Farm-Lunch” for the three of them (and visitors too, meaning me).    Her recipes are simple and fresh.  She wants everyone to be “nourished, not fattened” and she does it well.  For ideas and recipes go to her Facebook page.

2 comments on “Boggy Creek Farm

  1. Chez Denise et Laudalino
    January 29, 2012


    I felt as if I was sitting in the PhotoMuse room listening to your stories and taking in your photos on the screen. Lovely! I am so happy you are still with this delightful urban farm!!

    Chez Us

  2. Pauline Stevens
    January 30, 2012

    It was fun! It is still is, I will be visiting Carol Ann next week. I hear their strawberries are ready to be harvest!

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