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Bees looked happy in Floresville, TX

Two weeks ago I took a field trip to Floresville, TX.   It was a spring day and the countryside looked like a Matisse painting.  We  had had two weeks of good rain after a brutal drought and the fields were covered with flowers.

While driving through small farm roads and stopping every 100 yards to take pictures, I thought of my friends Mark and Thien Gretchen. .   I met the Gretchens two years ago while covering an assignment on beekeeping for SA Taste magazine.

Thien and Mark live in Seguin, TX  and are expert beekeepers.  Their honey is as pure as when it comes out of the hives.   As they simply put it:  “Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.”

Although beekeeping is their passion they are also committed to help replenish the bees that have disappeared from the area.  Mark gives presentations to children, fellow beekeepers, chefs and culinary experts.

Driving with the Gretchens  through their hives, I could not help but notice how good they are at spotting signs of blooming flowers everywhere.  They know bees’ favorites and what color pollen they will give.  In every road and every field, they are aware of colorful spots among the brown and green areas.   Always glad and relieved when they find nature is on their side.

That day in Floresville I thought about them and their bees.  I thought about the popular misconceptions among people about such an extraordinary insect.  And on that spring day in Floresville, I was glad those colorful fields, covered with flowers, belonged to them.

Floresville Tx

Floresville, TX

Floresville, TX

5 comments on “Bees looked happy in Floresville, TX

  1. Thien Gretchen
    April 6, 2012

    Pauline I love the post but not as much as I love you for your artistry. Keep up your fabulous work, my sweet friend! We think of you often as well and we are so glad you got the assignment that led to our friendship. Wish I was with you on this trip. We need to have time to tag along on each other’s adventures, no?

    • Pauline Stevens
      April 6, 2012

      Absolutely Thien, it would be a lot more fun! Hugs

  2. Katie Seymour
    August 5, 2013

    What lovely photos…I can almost smell the sun on the flowers! Due to the incredible climate, northern San Diego county has many small grower flower fields. We lived next door to one in San Marcos…loved the bees & humming birds & flowers turning their heads to follow the sun.

    • Pauline Stevens
      August 14, 2013

      In my next visit to San Diego I’ll look for the flower fields. They must be beautiful!

  3. Anna Garth Clark
    March 25, 2020

    Thanks For Sharing These Beautiful Pictures…

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